Our Club is happy to help where we can, to organise fundraising events in the hope we can help those who may just need it!
We have as a community of Dogue enthusiasts come together on occasions not only to help Dogue de Bordeaux’s in need but other charities too.

During our Club Event Shows we have rafflle prizes with proceeds for DDB Welfare and other Rescues too … so please keep diing deep with yourgenerosity, you can use our paypal link here to donate a little something, or even a big something when you can if you are unable to make it to oneof our events…we will ensure that all funds raised are donated appropriately, thank you so much.

DDB Welfares and Rescues

There are a handful of rescues that help the DDB in the UK and 􀂒e Northern Dogue De Bordeaux Club would like to support them all as much aswe can. We have our own welfare fund which is not connected with any rescue organisation directly but will be donated to the di􀂔erent welfareswhen its needed. If you would like to donate Please get in contact.

Dogue De Bordeaux Welfare
Dogue De Bordeaux Rehoming and Rescue
Dogue De Bordeaux Rescue Scotland